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Matt Berti

Deleting old online accounts + moving to Bitwarden

Your old, tired, stale, rotting, useless, vapid necro-accounts on the internet may be a personal security threat were the account to be breached. A great tool for deleting those accounts is It's even open source!

On a related note, I recently made the switch from LastPass to Bitwarden. LastPass suddenly imposed a paywall and I felt slighted by the change of policy; And Bitwarden made it super easy to import my passwords. In the process of looking for a new password manager I tried out Dashlane, too. Although it has a slick UI, Dashlane at $40/year was not as economical as Bitwarden, free/forever. There are good reasons to choose Bitwarden besides:

  • Protects user passwords with 256-bit AES encryption, virtually unbreakable with today's computing power
  • Open source, active community, extensive scrutiny
  • Free option is fine!
  • Actively adding new features like Bitwarden Send

Anyway, after deciding on Bitwarden, I revisited Dashlane to delete my account, but to no avail. That feature was hidden somewhere. A quick visit to provided a direct link to the delete process.

Note to self Use new Bitwarden account to find other necro-accounts, then smite them with