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Matt BertiMatt BertiMatt BertiMatt Berti

Matt Berti

I am a certified teacher of Computer Sciences, Histories, Geography, and Academic Research. As teacher and counselor, I have prepared hundreds of students for academic life abroad, culminating in being appointed leader of the AP Computer Sciences program and AP Capstone research program, an intensive academic research course and one of the first such programs introduced in China. I'm an expert on computer program modeling, active learning techniques, and inquiry-based learning through primary source documents.



Barstow Kent School Ningbo

Instructor of AP Computer Sciences

Introduced and led the AP Computer Sciences program to the school, with over 100 students enrolled and educated in modern computing concepts, data structures, networks, development and testing processes.

Set standards for UX and code design based on industry standards in order ro empower students to produce accessible, consistent, quality interfaces and code for the final AP Performance Task.

Role required communicating complex technical concepts in a simple manner, mentoring students in building software, and preparing high schoolers for higher-education abroad in rigorous computer science disciplines.

Outcomes: Students performed 18% above the national average in the combined AP Performance Task and AP Exam, and 25% above the global average; 15 students were enrolled in competitive university CS programs, including at Carnegie Mellon, ETH Zurich, University of Illinois, Sydney University, and Columbia University.


Ningbo Foreign Language School Advanced Placement Center

Instructor of AP US History, AP European History, AP Human Geography, and AP Capstone/Seminar.

Accredited from College Board in all subjects. My history students focused on inquiry-based learning and analysis of historical primary and secondary sources.

Chosen by the school principal to launch the AP Capstone program to better equip our students with the independent research, collaborative teamwork, and communication skills valued by colleges. We are one of the first schools in mainland China to offer the AP Capstone program.

Outcomes: Counceled, mentored, and instructed over 500 students, preparing them for academic life abroad in competitive university programs in the US, UK, Australia, and elsewhere.


Sino-Canadian International College at Guangxi University

Lecturer on British and American history and culture, ESL/TEFL teacher

Instructed over 100 students in TEFL instruction, with the aim of performing a level 7.

Chosen by school leadership to teach an elective course in Intercultural Communication. Developed lesson plans, chose all the class materials, wrote tests, and planned class activities around certain themes focused on historical and current events in Britain, America, Canada, and Australia. A major focus of the course was cross-culture studies between these English-speaking countries and China.

Outcomes: By my final year, my students performed 5% above the school average, and 12% above the national average for TEFL scores.


Hezhou College

ESL teacher, lecturer on Intercultural Communication.


Xi’an Technological University

ESL teacher, lecturer on British and American history and culture.