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Matt Berti

Boat Daddy

The Uber of boats. Hail your boat daddy now.

This app is a prototype of a product that combines boat-hailing, making new friends, and summer adventures.

The purpose of the app was to learn and use some of the tech an enterprise-level startup would use. I followed Leigh Halliday's Next Level Next.js course as a basis for the app, with some notable changes. The app leverages several libraries and frameworks that are new to me and unnecessary for this scale of the app, some of which I stuck with and others I abandoned throughout the course of development. For example, while Prisma ORM is overkill, I stuck with it. However I have TypeGraphQL the axe in favor of my own type definitions and configurations.

Custom Authentication: Challenges and Solutions

Leigh uses Firebase for auth providers, but I used AWS Amplify because I have been wanting to give it a try. After setting up an auth interface several times using their UI console, pushing, pulling, etc etc, I had the auth working but could not imagine going through the same process again on my next app.

NextAuth.js was much more accessible and plugged in nicely with my Next.js starter setup.

Ultimately I designed my own authorization process that could process a login feature neither Amplify nor NextAuth could do: A mock log-in without having any credentials.

I used JWT with credentials attached as a bearer token to all API calls to authorize the user. In addition, there are third-party auth providers like Google, and a password sign in.

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