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Matt Berti

An app to show off your videogame collection.


This app was designed with the general goal of being a place for gamers to read and contribute information about their favorite games. Because the app was highly dependent on user-generated content, the interfaces had to be easy to use and understand. The result of the user's contribution must be immediate and visually appealing, so I configured a CMS that was open to all registered users but was manageable by administrators.


Built using JavaScript and jQuery for interfaces and asynchronous requests, on top of PHP and MySQL.

A videogame character pageEdit a page using CMS

One of the primary features is the videogame shelf for users to manage and show off their collection of games. Because the purpose is to show off swag, the shelf had to be elegant to maximize boastfulness. I used Photoshop to make custom jewel case overlays -- transparent PNGs -- for different platforms.

Game collection shelf at

The landing page to a user profile shows a stream of activity organized chronologically. There are also various badges users can earn. These are meant to stimulate activity and contributions.

A user activity stream on Videogam.inBadges on to spark user contributions
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